Dessert Wonderland


Dessert Wonderland is a level created by STAR EVE. It is one of WindLine's original levels. This level won 14th place in the Best Fan-made Levels Contest of 2021, and ranked first among recommended levels.

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Level Info

This level contains a lot of various desserts and fruits, divided into seven scenes:

  • The first scene contains red and pink candies that pop up on the ground. Desserts include candy canes, macarons, donuts, ice cream, round sweets, etc. Fruits include raspberries, cranberries, pomegranates, etc.
  • The second scene is a yellow lake, desserts include macarons, fruit cakes, and icing floating on the lake. There are also banana boats made of bananas, ice cream, and blueberries or strawberries. Blood oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and oranges are fruits that appear in this scene.
  • The third scene is brown, the ground is chocolate, there are chocolate trees on both sides, desserts include sugar cubes, cheese blueberry/chocolate bread, chocolate, white chocolate, sugar balls, sandwich biscuits, etc., and fruits include transparent pink apples
  • The fourth scene is in white, and the path resembles a maze. Ice cream, icing, and lollipops appear in this scene, and cream appears in raindrops.
  • The fifth scene is blue, the line travels on a small boat, similar to the surfboard scene in The Plains (Reggae Remix). The water is blue with floating sugar cubes, along with numerous boats and islands.
  • The sixth scene is green, all matcha-flavored desserts, including matcha pudding, matcha tree, matcha herb, matcha cake, matcha candy, matcha ball, matcha ice cream, matcha biscuit, lollipop, etc.
  • The seventh scene is predominantly yellow. The line is now teleported atop a cake. Desserts include chocolate pudding, panna cotta, ice cream, macarons, etc., Lemons are one of the only fruit in this scene. Instead of a pyramid, it is replaced by a giant yellow donut at the end.


The level ends with a large yellow donut that says "Regret nothing in matters of love and food."

In the first part of the level, many obstacles pop up from the ground, syncing with the music. Players could be caught off-guard if they're not careful. During the lake part, there are a lot of jumps, and the audio is out of sync in the maze part. During the chocolate segment, the line goes left at the end, but one must tap to the right to teleport to the maze part. Overall, its difficulty is normal, about the same difficulty as The Earth's.


  • The donut at the end of the level has the text "Regret nothing in matters of love and food", which means "唯爱与美食不可辜负" in Chinese. In the Dancing Line Best Fan-made Levels Contest of 2021, this was translated to "在爱和美食方面不后悔" or "No regret in love and food."
  • This level was criticized by LiGaYb, a member of Winder Studio, who referred to it as "salty point hell", "licking point trap" and "dog licking trap," which when translated to Chinese, sounds almost similar to the level's name in Chinese.
  • The design of this level was mainly inspired by one of TCT's levels, Paradise of Delicacy. As a matter of fact, TCT even checked this level.
  • The actual width of the maze path is 3 times wider than the path shown. Therefore, players can adjust audio and camera synchronization manually and the level will still play out as usual.
  • During the jump from the yellow lake to the chocolate grounds, the player must tap 3 times to collect the first diamond. Clicking less than 3 times won't raise the tree enough while clicking more will raise the tree too high, and the player will lose. During the early versions of the level, no prompt says "Keep on tapping" to indicate to players what to do.
    • During the official video, this diamond was not collected at all.
  • When the level is played under low quality, the orange juice lake scene appears to be yellow.
  • The chocolate scene had a color that looked like poop. This color was changed to brown, as suggested by LiGaYb.
  • The last section was originally intended to have a peach color, but because STAR EVE considered that the color of a peach is predominantly orange and that the orange color is already used for the 2nd section of the level, he instead used yellow.
    • Because of this, the level should now have 3 yellow-colored scenes or sections.
  • During an early version of this level, before entering the orange juice lake, a preview of "Runaway" can be shown when one taps to the right. In a later version in February 2022, or v1.2.2, a text that says "an escape about love is about to begin..." is also displayed. As of recent versions, however, when one tries to do this again, it will instead cause one to lose and die.