The Plains (REGGAE)

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The Plains (REGGAE) [田野 (REGGAE)] is a level based on "The Plains", with a Reggae remix of the titular song. In comparison to the original level, due to its Reggae theme, some colors, designs, and camera movements were modified. The Plains (REGGAE) was a hidden level when it was released, requiring players to open a lucky chest to unlock it, until the Score Challenge system was implemented into the game.

This level was released in v2.0, which also ushered the release of the new UI, which instead of horizontally switching the levels with a preview of the beginning of every level, showcases vertical swiping, with respective level icons for each level. This UI has been used up until now.

Level Info

Level Info
Order Duration Diamonds Crowns Checkpoints
34 2’29” (approximately) 10 3(30%,60%,100%) 6

This level is heavily based on the original level, with the level's colors changed to red, yellow, and green, which symbolize reggae. The color of the wheat field at the beginning of the level is changed, the ground changes from green to yellow, and the wheat field changes from red to green. The water in the first pond turned into a jagged pattern of light blue and light purple, with red, yellow, and green cubes emerging from the water and flying upwards. After passing a branch, the thread's head boards a surfboard, and the waves on the river form a route, and the thread needs to surf on the waves. At the 40% position, the line returns to the land, and the original wheat block drop paragraph is changed to a red, yellow, and green color-changing block drop, and a palm tree scene is added around it, and its leaves will change from closed to open. The original ups and downs of the wheat field were changed to a low-height yellow plot fixed on the ground, with red and green cubes distributed in it. The second pond segment has the same color scheme, with large red, yellow, and green blocks falling into the water. The terraced fields are also changed to a red, yellow, and green color scheme, and the line finally enters the red, yellow, and green color pyramid.

Some elements of "The Plains", such as the flowers and fishes are removed in "The Plains (REGGAE)".


Although the music of the level is slower compared with The Plains and only has a BPM of 105, the level is much more difficult than The Plains. During the surfboard phase of the level, the head of the line stays on the board without leaving a trail thus increased the difficulty to see the line. Moreover, the shape of the wave is not regular, making the player unable to predict the edge of the way by viewing, so that they can only play by listening to the music, making this part one of the most difficult part of the level. Besides, the way becomes narrower during the palm tree phase and the second pond phase. The way to get Diamond No.6 is extremely narrow that the line is even broader than the road, making it one of the most difficult diamonds to get in the game. Besides, the positions of the diamonds are the same as the level The Plain, so the player still needs t change the beat of tapping to get the Diamond No.1, 2, 6 and 7. For more details please visit The Plains. The level kept the narrow branches that showed up in the level The Plains, but the quantity decreased so that the way is easier to observe. The throughout difficulty is upper-middle.

Unlock method

  • Achieve 5000 points in the Challenge system, and spend 2000 gems in Dancing Line.


  • The quantitively used color schemle "red, yellow, green" in the level is in fact the marking level of the Reggae style, which stands for "blood, the taken gold and Africa land";
  • Under Ultra quality, each time the player taps in the level, a expanding circle will show up at the position of the line and disturbs the view. When using lower quality, the circle won't show up, so many players choose to use lower quality to make level easier to play;
  • The color schemle of the level is high in contrast and brightness. The blue and purple color in the pond period is extremely bright and they moved left and right, making the vision of the player highly impacted. The color schemle is thus being complained by the players;
  • The palm tree period deleted the 360° spin of the camera that happens during the middle of the level The Plains;
  • The fake bridge in The Plains still presents in this level;
  • The Plains(REGGAE) has a nickname of "the hardest level in the game", but it's not for the level's high difficulty. In 2018, the WeChat Mini-Game held a Dancing Line competition using the WeChat Program edition of the game. Despite the brilliant players, the cast they paid for didn't seem to have played the game, each time the player collects something, they'll shout aloud; when the player collected the diamonds in another route and went back to the main route, the cast yelled "殊途同归(All roads lead to Rome)" surprisedly; The 4th round is mixed map; In the combined map of The Cathedral+The Plains(REGGAE)+The Chaos, the player 北寒叔叔 competed with 小鱼. A few casts yelled excitedly "Woo! Wow, reggae! The music has a new change! Gosh! " Then a cast said "This is the hardest map in the whole game! " These saying despiting the fact made many players confused, and teased frequently with the meme. [1]

Thecomments in the video at the famous scene "The Plains(REGGAE) is the hardest map in Dancing Line"


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