Dancing Line Best Fan-made Levels Contest/2022


The Dancing Line Best Fan-made Levels Contest for 2022 is over, and the results are shown below.

Top 15 Best Fanmade Levels of Dancing Line in 2022
Rank Level Name Designer Voter
1 Spark 哦是年糕 65.4% 7.94
2 Dragon Boat Festival LiGaYb 55.5% 8.18
3 Bud of Memories Ariseform 51.5% 8.17
4 Spring 4 ParhamX 47.1% 7.98
5 The Commitments Ariseform 44.5% 8.01
6 Hollowness CIAD233 48.2% 7.39
7 Exploration Max余焰、MaxIceFlame 39.3% 7.73
8 韶光·序始 Ariseform 35.7% 7.61
9 Runaway STAR EVE 31.2% 7.47
10 The Magical Ruins 抛瓦尔第 26.1% 7.36
11 Reverse Clock Goddess7996 32.7% 6.93
12 The Ranch Haru 9.6% 7.74
13 Peak HanYing SHADOW 22.8% 7.17
14 The Memory of Childhood MaxUnity 27.6% 6.85
15 The Fate 爱玩音游的小蓝 24.3% 6.82

名次 关卡名称 作者 得票率 得票数
1 Spark 哦是年糕 65.40% 178
2 Dragon Boat Festival LiGaYb 55.50% 151
3 Bud of Memories Ariseform 51.50% 140
4 Hollowness CIAD233 48.20% 131
5 Spring 4 ParhamX 47.10% 128
6 The Commitments Ariseform 35.70% 97
7 Exploration Max余焰、MaxIceFlame 39.30% 107
8 韶光·序始 Ariseform 35.70% 97
9 Reverse Clock Goddess7996 32.70% 89
10 Runaway STAR EVE 31.20% 85
11 儿时的回忆 MaxUnity 27.60% 75
12 The Lemon TeddyJi、对立猫 26.80% 73
13 魔法遗迹 抛瓦尔第 26.10% 71
14 The Fate 爱玩音游的小蓝 24.30% 66
15 Peak HanYing SHADOW 22.80% 62
16 Cool Night 园林翻车侠、舞线Ignite 19.50% 53
17 The Ocean 舞线Faded、柴仔_RANFDK 18.40% 50
18 月色 lifonexcellent 18.00% 49
19 Wind Journey 奇风MiracleBreeze 16.90% 46
20 黄昏之旅 苿_、Goddess7996 16.20% 44
21 Prominence 食人花603 15.80% 43
22 Ascension 食人花603 15.80% 43
23 The Wind Dusk丨RT845s、舞线Ignite 15.40% 42
24 星相运轨 子葉之冰 14.00% 38
25 The Magical Mystery Tour 小鸟翱翔的天空、Tatajuo 12.90% 35
26 The Ocean 白水晶WhiteCrystal 10.70% 29
27 林间 柴仔_RANFDK、CandleFire烛火、Jim Tsai 10.30% 28
28 The Ranch Haru 9.60% 26
29 The Journey of The Mountain 鸢烨酱Sakuya 8.50% 23
30 Spring Day 一只屑渣渣QAQ、柴仔_RANFDK 7.70% 21
31 奇妙之旅 B-axe 7.00% 19
32 Thermal Cube Assassin 5.50% 15

The following is the routine of this activity. The contest has the following segments: Jury Registration, Audition, Voting, and Result Release.

For detailed information, please visit this Bilibili Moment.

Jury Registration

The Jury is a particular group of players tasked to judge a level from multiple factors and aspects whatever they like. Each member of the Jury will evaluate and rate these levels. The results will then tally up and will be summarized as the "Jury Score." To join this group, one must be reviewed by TBOTP, the organizer for this event, before they are accepted. For more information, please go to the Voting section.


Poster from the organizer

During the audition, all players can submit levels that were published to Bilibili from January to December of this year. Here are the requirements for the work:

  • Can either be a fan-game, or a separate level
  • Must be an independent work, including those that were made by several designers in the same project
  • Recreations of previous entries from the previous years are not allowed. There are exceptions, however, such as remixing the original music, and completely redesigning the level
  • Any level creator is free to submit an unlimited amount of entries or levels to the contest.


Poster from the organizer

The Voting process of this contest will be separated into 2 sections:

  • Popularity Vote: Just like in previous years, everyone gets to vote in this section. Voters can vote up to 16 levels. The result of this section will be tallied as the "Voter Turnout".'
  • Jury's Evaluation:This is a new segment of the Voting process for this year. Jury members that have passed the Jury Registration will each evaluate and rate the quality of each fan-made level from various aspects (including but not limited to the level's theme, design, animations, accuracy of the taps, playability, optimization, and etc.) The result of this section will be tallied as the "Jury Score".

In the final result, the "Voter Turnout" will account for 30% of the level's score, and the “Jury Score” will account for the remaining 70%. This will determine the ranks of the entries.

Note: Snow Dream has been removed from this list since the level was made before 2022.

Here are the entries for this year's contest:

Level Name Level Designer
Hollowness CIAD233
奇妙之旅 B-axe
The Wind Dusk丨RT845s、舞线Ignite
Reverse Clock Goddess7996
Moonlight lifonexcellent
Dragon Boat Festival LiGaYb
The Memory of Childhood MaxUnity
Exploration Max余焰、MaxIceFlame
Spring 4 ParhamX
Runaway STAR EVE
The Lemon TeddyJi、对立猫
The Fate 爱玩音游的小蓝
The Ocean 白水晶WhiteCrystal
林间 柴仔_RANFDK、CandleFire烛火、

Jim Tsai

Thermal Cube Assassin
Peak HanYing SHADOW
Spark 哦是年糕
The Magical Ruins 抛瓦尔第
Wind Journey 奇风MiracleBreeze
Prominence 食人花603
Ascension 食人花603
The Magical Mystery Tour 小鸟翱翔的天空、Tatajuo
The Journey of The Mountain 鸢烨酱Sakuya
Cool Night 园林翻车侠、舞线Ignite
The Commitments Ariseform
韶光·序始 Ariseform
Bud of Memories Ariseform
星相运轨 子葉之冰
Twilight Journey 苿_、Goddess7996
Snow Dream 华华猪、Goddess7996
The Ranch Haru
Spring Day 一只屑渣渣QAQ、柴仔_RANFDK
The Ocean 舞线Faded、柴仔_RANFDK

Result Release

  • The live stream of the contest results has been held from 19:30 to 20:40 on December 31, 2022, just before New Year.
  • The video of the contest results has been released on TBOTP's Bilibili channel on January 1, 2023.
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