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Faded - Easy Mode is a level added to Dancing Line in version 2.8.1, which also serves as the last level added to the official game. The level is unlocked by default during v2.8.1. This level was then removed in v2.8.6, because the copyright license to use Alan Walker's music was expired during that time. However, players can keep this level if they've successfully cleared it.

Since this is an easy level, the guide lines are turned on by default.

Level Info

Level Info
Level Order Duration Diamonds Crowns Checkpoints
2 3 minutes and 21 seconds long 10 3 (located at 25%,65%,85%) 6

This level is composed primarily of geometric shapes that embodies a high-tech styled design. The level also contains black and white glowing squares, lighting up the path as the line passes, collecting the first crown. Afterwards, it then traverses a suspended road high above the ground. In the center of the road is a thinner line that serves as a guide for players on when to tap. Below it is a microchip with geometric shapes. On the second heart checkpoint, the line jumps in platforms with a purply border. After obtaining the second crown, the scene is black and white, and obstacles emit white beams of light as they pass by. After the third heart save point, there is a glass disintegration effect similar to that in The Faded - Alan Walker level, and then the line travels on top of various buildings. After the line lands and reaches the final scene, several broken mirrors appear, and the line travels between the routes through the springboard.

This level was made by the Taurus designer, which was not released in time, but was kept in stock before its actual release.


Since this is an easy level, the level's difficulty is very easy, containing wide paths, and guide lines automatically enabled. This level could be hard for new players who may feel nervous about the jumps and falls of the cube. Additionally, the level takes so long to complete, thereby testing player's endurance.

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  • The level uses the same music as The Faded - Alan Walker. This is also one of the longest levels in the official game.
  • The level uses similar elements such as the jump pads, the shattered mirror, and other parts from The Faded - Alan Walker.
  • Before the last section of the level, the mirror is shattered, while in the park scene from The Faded - Alan Walker, several human models are also shattered into pieces which players have referred to it as "公园碎镜案" or "Park Broken Mirror Case."
  • Since this is an easy level, prompts such as "Click" and "Collect" appear throughout the level.
  • This level was released only 20 days after the previous update, making this one of the quickest updates of the game thus far. When 十年叔叔, one of the game's most popular players, released the level's official video, he stated that Dancing Line was going through rough times, and he asks support from the community. However, after a few days, news broke out that the game operator had resigned from Cheetah Mobile, which also led to the production team being disbanded. A few days later, the game officially announced that there would be no more updates to come, thereby discontinuing the game.
  • This was the penultimate level that was removed from the game only 71 days after it was released (The old version of The Beginning was removed from the game 53 days after its release).


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