The Forest

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The Forest(森林)is a fan-made level made by LiGaYb. The level was released on January 10, 2021, and has been included in Wind Line.

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The level starts with the cube in a frog eye's view. As the player starts, the camera angle raises, and a gate opens. As the cube enters forest, there are some dwarf trees and balloons around the path. When the line seems to reach a dead end, it will instead be teleported upwards in a higher place. Numerous balloons are shown to be flying to the sky. Afterwards, the line will landed on trees, as it jumps between trees and balloons from time to time.

For the first crown, the line is teleported from the forest to a river. The player either has two options: to go to the upper path, or to the lower path. The line then has to traverse a narrow bamboo forest with numerous fake paths. After the bamboo forest, the line encounters a series of tree houses, many of which contain hidden Easter eggs. Flowers are planted on the sides of the upper path. The lower route contains various fruits laid on the ground, or on baskets. One could also see donuts, and loaves of bread in this path as well. Afterward, the upper and lower routes merge together, making way for the second crown, or the hardest part of the level.

At the second crown, various kinds of fruits drop, which may distract the player while they try to follow the rhythm. The line hits through the bushes, then it teleports upwards where the line will continue jumping in-between trees. During the teleportation, the player will have to blindly tap while following the rhythm, otherwise it may catch you off-guard and you may fail the level. In the end, the line will enter the pyramid, and the camera moves far back from the pyramid.

The level design mainly adopts low polygon style, lots of trees and simple geometry. The design of the trees is unique, compared to other nature-styled levels. Meanwhile, the music is bright and cheery, unlike other nature levels which typically use nature sounds and calm music. LiGaYb, the creator of the level, said that when he designed the level, he intentionally approached the idea that "Every level is a different journey."


3×2 quick tap at the end of level

As the name goes, The Forest is a level based on a forest. Its unique gimmick is that it contains many multiple routes that a player can pass and will still complete the level. The level takes 3 minutes to complete, and because of its long duration, one’s endurance is tested. The song has a tempo of 178 beats per minute, consisting of a lot of eighth and sixteenth notes, meaning players have to spam in many parts of the level. The line moves fast, and the level includes high jumps and high gravity, meaning the cube lands relatively quickly. Players have to be accurate with the timings, else they’ll fail. The hardest part of the level is the teleportation near the end of the level, with 2 sixteenth notes played thrice and with delayed camera movement. Other than that, its difficulty is in between The Indian Journey and All About Us.


About the design

  • LiGaYb finish designing the level in only 10 days.
  • The level's concept has been around for as early as 2019.
  • The concept of the line climbing trees dates back to the early games, in which the line is walking on the tree, making 135-degree turns.

Easter Eggs

  • Click once less at the end of the first scene and turn right, through the obstacle going straight to see a picture of LiGaYb.
    • In Wind Line, the Easter Egg is replaced with "Never Gonna Give You Up."
  • At the beginning of the tree house scene, the green line turns dark. When you click at here, the room will open, then the line will enter the room. This references the level The Mathematics, with the text saying "finish your homework!"
  • Inside the first tree house, flowers and scenes from the video "Mopemope" are shown, and the text says if anyone wants to sleep in the tree house, 50,000 CNY per square meter must be paid to the designer.
  • Inside the second tree house, you will see some pictures of Ma Baoguo, the board of "浑圆形意太极门" and two hot kettles that come from the video.
    • In Wind Line, this Easter egg is replaced with a boiling pumpkin with the captions of “Pumpkin party!” This could be a reference to one of the fan-made designers, Pumpkin_z.
  • At the end of the level, if you want to enter the pyramid, you must ignore the last note and avoid tapping it. But if you complete the rhythm, the line will be teleported to a lower route. Simply follow the last of the music to show a picture of LiGaYb saying that he wants a boyfriend.
    • In Wind Line, the picture is removed, and STAR EVE is included in the text, stating that he too wants a boyfriend. Anyone can find him in Yichang, Hubei Province.

The Forest(April Fools' Version)

A screenshot of the April Fools' version of the level

This version is updated on April 1, 2022, as a tribute to April Fools' Day. The music of the level is remixed, with the half beat of the song being out of place. The music of the level is full of the drums, gongs and flute, with certain samplings from The Hip Hop Evolution, The Cathedral, The Savanna and “haose music” from MUG. The color of the level has changed as well, the sky turns red, the trees are changed to blue and red, the river is in brown color, and the floor of the level is in dazzling pink, similar to the color when missing textures in the game engine, Unity. This version of the level bears a lot of similarities to the Nether in Minecraft.