The Samsara

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The Samsara(轮回) is a Fan-made level made by RainbowHerry. The level was released on May 9th, 2018, and its video has gained more than 200,000 views on Bilibili, and more than 1 million views on YouTube. This is one of the earliest known fan-made levels in Dancing Line, and one of the hardest fan-made levels for most people. Because it is nearly impossible, many players are unable to complete this level perfectly with normal speed, which has caused debates around the community.

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Level Info

The level is generally composed of cubes and geometrical shapes. The line skin used in-game is similar to the Dominoes skin in the original game. In this level, the player controls an orange line. Once the line reaches the end, the line teleports back to the start controlling a blue line instead. When the road appears, the player should continue along with the new road.

The next section continues in the following order: (1) the ground on the right, (2) the blue border on the left, (3) the blue border on the righthand side as the orange line, and (4) the ground on the left. Among them, phrases with the same rhyme share a single platform.

[Missing section]

In this section, a Gaussian blur filter would affect the camera. In the next section, the camera would be close to the line. The floors are made of a transparent mesh material and would be blown out when the line passed by. In the fifth section, the camera would be nearer, there would be opaque floors appearing while the line passes the transparent floors. Then, the line would pass the new routes in the following: the fence on the right, the fence on the left, and the ground. The line would leap in the opposite direction when getting to the pad. In the seventh section, the line travels in the air. The route is several corners in groups of 4, where you are supposed to tap at a constant speed. After that, the camera would still be in a high position, and the purple line would go to the starting point. When the purple line passed the route where the red line passed, new roads would appear. When the line gets to the end, you would be teleported to the starting point again, then the green line would pass these routes. There would be an inverted route then, you should control the green line to arrive at the pyramid near the starting point.


The song's BPM for this level is 128, containing a lot of sixteenth notes which means constant spamming on most parts of the levels. It can be tricky for average players to play this level at 512 BPM or twice the speed. Additionally, the path is so narrow that the player can easily lose track of the timings. The player doesn't die, but they can only restart when they miss. This level doesn't have any checkpoints either. The camera positions are awkwardly placed around the level, either too far or too near. At one point, when the player taps three times, the camera changes quickly, which may panic new players to the level.

Because of the level's difficulty, the creator published a version of this level that is 75% times slower, making the level's difficulty easier. Players only need to tap 384 times per minute. However, the camera angles remain the same, and because the level is longer, only a few players can still complete it.

Because of its nearly impossible difficulty, this level has caused debates around the community. In classical music games, creating this level means creating a "KUSO". However, this level was released in the early days of Dancing Line Fan-made levels, which provided a lot of creativity and technical support from the community. This level has become a turning point and a catalyst that skyrocketed the popularity of Dancing Line Fan-Made levels. Many Dancing Line players were attracted by its difficulty, which in turn increased interest in the development of fan-made levels.


  • The musician 蒼狼風亞 is also a Dancing Line player, he discovered this level on YouTube, and later he commented on the video of Bilibili on August 24th, 2018. Besides, the musician didn't quit the QQ Group until the group was accidentally banned.
  • The last tap in front of the pyramid fails from time to time. If you miss this tap, it's still considered as completing the level.
  • Instead of crashing to death with a death screen, the line would always fall if it goes out of the map. Not only would the line continue to lengthen its tail, but it would also turn.
  • The level lasts for 2 minutes and 23 seconds, with the level having 703 taps.
  • Unlike most levels, the font used for the percentage markers in this level is Arial, instead of Caviar Dreams.
    • Among them, a 1 is added next to 0% to form 10% which also serves as a path for the blue line.
    • 60% is a square font, and the box with 6 characters is the entire platform before the leap, and the entire 60% is huge.
    • When the line is flying backward in the air, the player can see the 50% marker. A horizontal line is added on the 10% marker to become 70%.
    • A circle is added under the 30% clock, and "0%" is added on the right to form 80%.
    • When the green line advances, a few more lines are added to the 70% marker to become 90%.
  • Because of how the level was programmed, the line is "soft," meaning it can bend, allowing the line to pass some low objects directly.
  • The Samsara was an early fan-made level, and the codes used to make this level were written by RainbowHarry themselves. These codes are not compatible with the levels and games used nowadays, making it difficult to include this level in the collections. DLPC·PE has collected this level once. However, the level was so buggy that it was eventually deleted.