The Antarctica


The Antartica is a fan-made level created by LiGaYb. It is infamous for its high difficulty. The level was released on August 20, 2021, and won 13th place for Dancing Line's 2021 Best Fan-made Levels Contest.

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Level Info

The level begins with the cube in space. As the path reaches Earth, the cube lands in Antarctica. From here, the cube traverses the Antarctic Ocean, as one may encounter icebergs, ice blocks, and different animals such as the killer whale, a family of penguins, and a smaller whale, which serves as a skin in many Dancing Line fan-games. The ice blocks instantly pop out in sync with the music. The cube then goes through a tunnel where the camera moves lower, thus obscuring the view of the cube. Afterward, the cube jumps toward land where the rhythm of the music becomes increasingly complex and players must be cautious during this segment. Also in the part shows fossils of large but dead animals as well as small plant life that manages to survive in extreme cold weather.

When the first crown is obtained, the cube is at the South Pole, encountering mountains that are composed of varying sizes of cubes and cuboids. The cube has to jump between these mountains before reaching a canyon at around 50%. The sky becomes dark, changing into a purply-red color, and ice blocks occasionally fall which may try to hit the cube. During this segment, there are mysterious symbols which appear on the ground. These symbols may have been taken from one of LiGaYb’s levels, The Aurora.

The line then transitions into a cave as it collects the second crown. The ceiling collapses, and more ice blocks fall from the top. The camera’s perspective lowers down to a knee level shot, as the ice blocks make way for the exit. The final segment consists of the line on top of an iceberg as part of the ice falls over next to the line, thereby making the path extremely narrow. When the level ends, the camera zooms out, and huge ice spikes surround the pyramid.

During an early version of this level, 20% of the scenes are relatively empty, while the 80%-90% part only contains collapsing ice blocks and emerging paths from the ground up. There is no scenery to go along with it as well. Majority of this level contains blue squares as ice blocks at the last part of the level. The collapsing paths reference the melting of ice caps as a result of global warming.

The newer version of the level has a better camera perspective during the canyon section. Furthermore, the 80%-90% part was redesigned, as it now has flags staked to the iceberg, as well as a golf ball on its left side. The 90%-100% part contains a family of penguins, and the surroundings of the end pyramid are similar to the ocean part of the level.


Players have to tap 27 times during this part
Tunnel section

The tempo of the level's music is at 102 bpm, composed of a lot of sixteenth notes. Throughout the level, players have to spam in many parts of the level. The rhythm is also complex and hard to follow. Players would either tap 3 to 27 consecutive times. During the cave section, players would have to follow this pattern of tapping: 25 taps, 13 taps, 9 taps, and then 27 taps.

Because of the number of taps required to follow the rhythm, in order to design the path for the level, LiGaYb used a line speed of x3.5 (most of his levels use a speed of x2.2). As a result, players can easily lose the level due to its speed.

The camera angles also make this level incredibly difficult. During the ocean part, the view of the line is hindered by many ice blocks, and the camera angle during the tunnel part is very low, and players could misjudge the timing on when to tap. In the redesigned version of the level, the 80%-90% part of the level becomes more troublesome for players, due to added designs and scenery on the section.

In addition, the screen shakes when the cave is about to collapse. In the redesigned version of the level, the path where the player has to tap 27 times is widened, and the 27th tap can be passed when players tap during the 8th measure of the song's cave part. (In other words, players can tap less to pass the cave part.) Consequently, the vibration amplitude was reverted to x2.5 to balance the difficulty of this part.

LiGaYb believed that the level was slightly harder than The Racing, but when he tried to record the level, it took him 10 attempts to successfully complete it. The level's official video did not come out until August 2021.


  • The level's concept dates back to 2019, but the level has vastly changed ever since.
  • The level's concept comes from when the Taurus designer referenced the level's theme to the Weibo players and asked “什么五大洲四大洋啊” or "What about five continents and four oceans?"
  • Initially, this level was meant to be included for WindLine, but since the other members of Winder Studio disliked the level, it was replaced with Sunset Glow. Regardless of which level will be included, it will still be harder than Lantern Festival.
  • The falling ice blocks in the canyon section are similar to Peaceful Stagnation, a level from Through The Fog.
  • The mysterious symbols from the canyon section are a reference to the mystical aliens that were said to be discovered in Antarctica.
  • 关卡作者在制作时截了一张宇宙场景的图,其中露出了地球的南极洲,提示关卡英文除开The共有10个字母,邀请玩家猜测关卡标题以提前游玩,结果在音乐发布前无人猜对
Hidden Easter Egg
  • At around 10%, there is a small whale that resembles the same skin used in WindLine. If players tap twice, touching the whale, it will submerge itself into the water. Afterward, a text appears at around 14% that says "你把我男朋友碰下去了我要惩罚你" or "Why'd you hit my boyfriend into the water just now? I'm angry! I'm going to punish you!" and the line crashes to its death.